Up2U metadata aggregation backend deployment

UP2U metadata aggregation backend deployment

The new UP2U metadata aggregation backend is deployed at GRNET Okeanos Cloud as an eduOER instance. This open-source metadata aggregation infrastructure will serve as the focal point for the external learning content integration (through metadata ingestion) and is providing various services to the learning content providers. The next step will be the deployment of a front-end portal that will expose the learning content to the Up2U users. At least 20 educational content providers will join the Up2U ecosystem via this service. Already, the metadata of 3 K12-related multimedia learning repositories have been harvested through this infrastructure, namely the Greek repository e-photodentro, the Polish epodreczniki and the Dutch Klascement. The results of the harvesting procedure can be monitored through the UP2U Aggregation Monitor and the UP2U Metadata Analysis Monitor.

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