Synchronized e-Learning Content


SeLCont – Synchronized e-Learning Content is an easy-to-use toolkit with minimal post-processing effort and no special installation requirements from lecture rooms. The final output is dynamically adjusted to any user browser (laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone) running Windows, Android,  iOS-iPad, iOS-iPhone.

Main Features

Benefits to the presenter:

  • Use of standard equipment in most lecture halls (webcam, sound system, projector)
  • Instructor laptop with pre-installed SeLCont time-stamp recorder (simple application)
  • Minimal video post-processing (optional)
  • Online storage: Simple web-page using pre-formatted form, with links to slides and video service e.g. YouTube

Benefit to the end-user (e.g. student):

  • Retrieval as a URL link in web browser, no need for any add-on
  • Transparent adjustment to any device (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops)



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