Social interactions

Social Interactions


Online social interactions grow at a great pace in formal and informal spaces and can be used as an educational tool to capture students attention and participation. At Up2U, we offer new ways to engage students in learning communities, using co-learning and e-mentoring, which may be essential to achieve better school outcomes in the future.

Social interactions may improve students learning experience by enhancing their knowledge of literacy and teaching and their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Also, creates a positive classroom environment and establish a community of learners who support each other (Bromley, 2008), increasing social interactions inside and outside of the classroom.

Our main development will be a flexible, integrated application toolbox supporting student-driven, personalized, dynamic, interactive, rich multimedia learning path creation with social sharing and interactions (project based and peer-to-peer learning and assessment) on top of a public and private cloud-based service infrastructure.

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