Hungary launches training and joins the Up2U pilot

The Hungarian branch of Up2U’s pilot programme was launched on the 21th of August 2018. 12 teachers from 8 secondary schools took part in the first face to face event. The teachers have different scientific backgrounds; five of them are from Budapest and three from the countryside.

As an opening event, KIFÜ organized a video conference meeting for pilot schools to present the Up2U project and the plan of the training programme. Before the opening session, teachers received and filled out the pre-pilot survey questionnaire with the purpose of collecting their input about their IT skills and competencies.

The training entails a face to face session at the beginning and at the end of the course. Between these two sessions, the teachers have to study in an online environment. The first face to face meeting started with the general introduction to the Up2U ecosystem, then a presentation of new formal and informal learning methods followed and it ended with a hands-on part about the Moodle framework system and the interactive tools provided in the Up2U platform. The Hungarian expert team developed a specialized toolbox tailored for the Hungarian teachers’ needs according to the results of previous surveys from 2017. These results were communicated during the training. After the theoretical part, they started the independent work using Moodle and the new online applications integrated into Moodle.

The training programme will close with another face to face meeting on the 15th of September 2018 focusing on the following areas: evaluation of online work activities, self-improvement techniques, project-based learning and other learning methods.

Once the training finished we plan to follow up on teachers’ activities on how they incorporate the Up2U ecosystem and new methodologies in their classroom activities.

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