Up2U team meets in Göttingen

The Up2U project team had a face to face event that took place from 29 to 31 October 2018 in Göttingen, Germany, where our German partner, GWDG hosted us. The team was focusing on fine-tuning our strategy on how to proceed with the project, considering the comments and suggestions we received so far from the EC and the teachers who participated in our training sessions in the different countries.

A number of task forces were launched in order to cater to the most urging matters, like GDPR compliance, internationalisation of the Up2Universe NGDLE platform among other matters. Each country who were involved in the pilot activity so far gave a brief overview of their lessons learned, so the other partners can benefit from them. The technical aspect of the platform was also discussed-the current state was demonstrated and we identified the points where we need to improve.

We are looking forward to including more schools in the third Up2U project year! We do hope that by the next General Assembly we can show how far we have come. Stay tuned!

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