Greek Up2University Tales: Up2U Pilot Schools in Greece collaborate and create new scenarios, using the Up2Universe tools

Greek Pilot schools participating in the Up2University project, have successfully completed two rounds of implementing learning scenario lesson plans meetings this month (on 7 February and on 25 February), utilizing the  Up2Universe platform tools.  

The initial feedback from the teachers was that they found the platform easy to use and what stands out as a great benefit for them is that it helps them to deliver more interactive lessons in class.

More specifically, teachers during the most recent meeting, demonstrated what they learned during all stages of a lesson, from creating it, hypothetical teaching it, up to what exercises the students will need to undertake as homework.  A case study of building the Eupalinos Tunnel ‘Bringing Water’ in Samos Island was used. During the sample scenario class, teachers demonstrated how they utilized interdisciplinary subjects and tools available within Up2University platform to create that lesson.   

During the demonstration, a number of great advantages were presented for both students and teachers.   

Students: It is anticipated that the students will express more interest (than usual) in the subject being taught, as the lesson will be more interactive and fun and most importantly a plethora of subject areas will be utilized in order to ‘teach’ that lesson, therefore guaranteeing a more well rounded thematic teaching/learning approach. 

Teachers: In order for this to be successful, the teaching staff, from a variety of different disciplines, need to collaborate closely, which in itself can create better teamwork amongst teachers and bring about greater interaction amongst students and teachers thereafter in class. 

This can create a win-win effect for both schools and students alike. 

Thematic areas used in just one lesson: In the latter case scenario exhibited yesterday, there was a successful interdisciplinary use of mathematics, geology, history, language, philology, and engineering. 

The Greek pilot schools involved in the Up2University project are:

1st Experimental Gymnasium of Athens, 1st Gymnasium of Vrilissia, 2nd Experimental Lyceum of Athens, 2nd Lyceum of Vrilissia, 7th Gymnasium of Athens, 1st Arsakeio Lyceum of Psychiko, Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Varvakeio Gymnasium, Gerakas’ Art School, 2nd Lyceum of Xanthi, 5th Lyceum of Vyronas

Click on the links below to find out more on the Greek partners

GRNET|Greek Research and Technology Network

NTUA| National Technical University of Athens

Greek Up2U meeting 25 February 2019
Greek Up2U meeting 07 February 2019
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