Up2U Platform welcomes another 20+ Polish schools in the fall of 2019

In October and November 2019, new teachers from 20+ schools in Poland learned
how the Up2U Learning Platform can be used in the classroom. The course
started with an introduction during a face-to-face meeting in early
October 2019. Afterwards, with the help of online support from PSNC, the teachers were
able to experiment with the tools at home. The course was finished with
another face-to-face meeting in late November.
During the course, the teachers provided their feedback to enable the
project to evaluate pilot activities. The teachers are expected to start
working with their students in the classroom.
A few teachers have also expressed their willingness to get their fellow
teachers involved in Up2U, which seems to be a promising starting point
for the last module of the Up2U Continuous Professional Development (CPD).
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