Next Generation Digital Learning Environment

Up2U makes available a specific Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE) that integrates the formal and informal learning spaces for secondary school students and teachers who wish to develop and enhance their teaching and learning skills up to the university standards.

In order to support universal use, our architecture is modular, scalable and portable. We rely on open technology and standard protocols wherever we can. Our ecosystem is compliant with the latest GDPR regulations by design.

Up2U’s NGDLE offers the following unique feature set:

  • WebSSO (via eduGAIN and social media accounts);
  • Group management (powered by eduTEAMS Hub);
  • OER content hub (via eduOER);
  • File Sync&Share storage platform (powered by CERNBox and ownCloud)
  • LTI tools integration and other third-party apps (aka. Up2Universe);
  • Learning Analytics and Open Badges;
  • Mobile application;
  • Multi-language support
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