Basic Training Structure

Course Intro

Subject presentation and the main aim of the training activity:

This section will clearly present the main goals of the training plan, activities, theoretical bases, pedagogical objectives in order to get teachers committed and ‘on board’ regarding the purposes of the Up2U project.

Training sessions Online Courses

I. Introduction and overview of Up2U project and the training course: This session would consist of an introductory section to the philosophy of the Up2U Project and the training programme goals and objectives.

II. Approaches to learning methods and teachers training, principles, methods, ideas: This section will by demonstrate the core learning methods in the training course so that trainees can experience these learning methods first-hand. Trainees will participate in peer-to-peer learning scenarios and select their own learning paths through the training materials in order to experience first-hand Up2U’s core purpose and objectives.

III. Use Cases: This would comprise an introductory section to the Application toolbox of the project, in order to gather feedback for the improved version of it.

IV. Practical training: Needs-based detailed demonstrations of Up2U’s toolkit will be provided to show teachers how these tools ‘map’ onto key digital competences. Demonstrations will show how these tools support the use of new teaching methods in the classroom.

V. Closing Session: This would provide an opportunity to remind attendees of the key aspects of the training and assess to what extent they have understood the benefits of the Up2U training methodology.

Training Closing Session, Follow Up, Evaluation & References
  • Suggestions for further personal and “user centered” studies, focusing on section of interest within books, training material documents, etc.
  • Suggestions for websites that can be used for the training.
  • Trainees self-evaluation test
  • Trainees feedback/discussion on the training process, further improvement of the Up2U Toolbox and skills development
Second level Intermediate Training Sessions – Online Courses
  • Focus on specific tools and their integration in the school curriculum and informal tutoring
  • Similar methodology based both on synchronous and asynchronous sessions
  • Platform and its tools incorporation into teaching practices
  • Description of further, more advanced use cases
Third level Advanced – Training Sessions – Local Events
  • Conducted as local events
  • Teachers/Tutors eligible to participate only after completing the previous (Basic, Intermediate) trainings sessions online
  • Experts facilitating and explaining the details of tools
  • Demonstration of methods & student engagement practices
  • Success stories sharing will be more than desirable
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