The project aims to promote a range of communication activities to reach its target audience: schools, teachers, and students. The key communication activities will address the Up2U stakeholders to ensure that the project’s goals and results are well known to those directly linked to Up2U.

The following communication channels are expected:

Blogs and news items

Up2U will publish all information (in the form of documents, Deliverables, videos, and blogs) on the Up2U website and will use the partner channels as well.


When complex big research environments (e.g., CERN) are directly channeled into solutions adapted to secondary schools teachers must be educated on how to impart knowledge that is entertaining and sufficiently educative at the same time. Teachers must adapt to the hybrid learning environment and act as tutors for e-mentoring and coaching of students in the informal space enriched by social feedback. Our project is going to design and develop specific training programs for our learning community.

Presentations at relevant conferences

 There are a number of events where an Up2U presence would enable the progress and achievements of the project to be shared with a large audience.

Dedicated meetings

Dedicated meetings will be held with the relevant learning communities, open education projects, technology and service providers to engage with them to shape the format and the content of the Up2U training courses. Ideally, these meetings would be co-located with other major conferences and events.