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The open version Up2U learning environment is available to all educational institutions in Europe in order to enhance online learning in these extreme times.

About openUp2U

COVID-19 outbreak has a major impact on people’s day-to-day lives and also on European education. Therefore the Up to University (Up2U) project, supported by GÉANT, has decided to offer an open version of our Up2U learning environment to all educational institutions in Europe: openUp2U in order to enhance online learning in these extreme times.

Open-source, interoperable, GDPR compliant

openUp2U is a trimmed version of our Next Generation Digital Learning Environment, offered on a best effort basis. The platform will consist of the following tools:

  • Moodle-serving as the base learning management system
  • eduMEET- a tool for online meetings
  • CERNBox- file sync and share system
  • Jupyter Notebook – create and share documents

Up2U project partners

Up2U project partners are not-for-profit organisations, universities and SMEs to support research and education. GÉANT is the umbrella organisation in Europe with members in each country that is a national research and education network (NREN), which are already supporting education with network connectivity and also additional services.

About the project

The key objective of the project

openUp2U is based on the is a 41-month long EC funded collaborative project Up2U that started in January 2017. The key objective of the project is to bridge the gap between secondary schools and higher education & research by enhancing the digital skills of students. Additional support is coming from GÉANT, CERN, KIFU (Hungary), GRNET (Greece), NORDUnet, OwnCloud, PSNC (Poland) and AWS.
Our thoughts are with those in lockdown.
Let’s make sure that COVID-19 will not lead to an educational shutdown!

Get started

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Learning Management Systems
Doc Sharing
Collaborative Editing
Real-Time Interactions

Up2U User Guide

Up2U Environment and Tools User Guide Complete document

Contact us

We are looking forward to welcome new schools in our platform. Below you can see our colleagues who are the national coordinators for the ongoing activities in the different pilot countries.

If you are interested in this project or how you can join us, please contact our team at our generic contact or one of our country-specific emails below. Schools outside the below mentioned countries are welcome to join!



Mary Grammatikou



Gabriella Paolini


Gytis Cibulskis


Zbigniew Karwasiński


António Vieira de Castro


Nelson Dias

This dynamic map indicates the schools who are aleady involved in our project. Would you like to put your school on the map? Contact us and join the Up2Universe

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