The UP2U ecosystem will include a series of projects that will demonstrate the application of the platform in an educational environment. These projects include case studies and the implementation of pilots in some partner countries.

These projects are extremely important in promoting the use of the platform in countries with different education systems. Schools and teachers will be able to follow what is being done in other countries and share their experiences, methodologies, knowledge and educational approaches.

The project entails the provision of educational applications, project-based and peer-to-peer learning scenarios and the facilitation of international interaction for secondary schools in Europe. Creative teachers will be placed at the core of the kick-off and briefing phase and encouraged to provide input and ideas for implementation.

Inspired by organic educational initiatives, such as  Google for Education, Khan Academy, Up2U creates a flipped virtual ecosystem where pupils can learn at their own pace supported by social interactions, federated access and are able to exchange documents and other project-related multimedia content in a trusted and privacy-protected environment.

The initial phase of Up2U will focus on the adoption and customization of a learning management system with basic functionalities and standard Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) interfaces.

During the first year, the new platform is expected to create an environment for creative student projects across Europe whose results will be shared with other schools and made publicly available. Personalized learning analytics, peer reviews, community-driven digital recognition systems using Open Badges and blockchain technology will also be investigated.