Dissemination materials

The project provides several digital media elements to help in the promotion of UP2U service across Europe.

These communication materials include:



WP1 – Project Management and external liaison

WP2 – Dissemination and outreach

Deliverable 2.1 – Communication strategy, web design and event plans (M1)

Deliverable 2.2 – Dissemination and outreach report Year 1 (M13)
WP3 – Cloud-based infrastructure services

Deliverable 3.1 – Analysis of network services requirements (M6)
Deliverable 3.2 – Full cloud platform overview including delivery and access to network, storage and content (M12)

WP4 – Integrated application toolbox

Deliverable 4.1 – Application toolbox design and prototype (M6)

WP5 – Learning community management and skills training

Deliverable 5.1 – Subject Matter Committee and training plans (M3)
Deliverable 5.2 – Interaction model design (M10)

WP6 – Roadmap for security and trust

Deliverable 6.1 – Study of Security, Privacy, Identity Management and Legal Requirements in the Digital Schools’ Environment Using a Cloud-Based Approach (M6)

WP7 – Pilot coordination and continuous risk assessment
Deliverable 7.1 – Initial pilot architecture, software component integration, and deployment (M6)
Deliverable 7.2 – Report on the first release and demonstration of scalable pilot services (M12)

WP8 – Sustainability and exploitation of results
Deliverable 8.1 – Analysis of Up2U ecosystem and existing business models (M12)
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