Training Schedule

The following table contains a draft schedule of the training programme.
Dates may overlap due to parallel work in different areas of the programme and may be adjusted to each pilot school calendar.

April – May 2017

First contact with schools
Survey / Feedback about the teachers’ needs

May – July 2017

All pilot candidate schools have confirmed their participation
Teacher contact details have been collected.

June – Aug 2017

Up2U will prepare the first training courses (online sessions – groups up to 20 teachers)
Creating training material

Sep – Oct 2017

First teachers’ training (synchronous and asynchronous)
Feedback (questionnaire) at the end of each course

Jan – Mar 2018

Application toolbox v1.0 is up and running
Intermediate trainings
Feedback (questionnaire) at the end of each course

Feb – Apr 2019

Application toolbox v2.0 is up and running
Enhanced level training (local events)

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