Up2U in Palma de Mallorca: working hard or hardly working?

Up2U in Palma de Mallorca: working hard or hardly working?

The 10th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies took place in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) fro the 2 to 4 July, 2018. EDULEARN is one of the largest international education conferences where more than 800 experts from 80 countries share their opinions and discuss their plans and experiences regarding teaching and learning methodologies and educational innovations. This year, Palma de Mallorca provided an exquisite venue for this grand conference and exhibition.

Antonio Castro (ISEP) represented our project at the event giving 3 presentations on our project. In the Informal Learning section, he talked about the feedback and evaluation from our users regarding the first minimum viable product of the Up2U ecosystem. Then he explained the current changes in the European education trends and the current state of the ecosystem. In the Technology Enhanced Learning section, Antonio also gave a presentation on exploring tools for real-time activities in the classroom.

The conference turned out to be very useful for us, it ignited a lot of interesting conversations that we wish to continue in the future. EDULEARN 2019 conference is already pencilled in our calendars next year!


  • Up2U, bridging the gap between schools and universities through informal education: the first minimum viable product/feedback and evaluation from the users during the first pilot training
  • Changes in European education and the current state of Up2U ecosystem
  • The potential of real-time educational activities
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