Iván goes to INTED!

INTED is one of the largest international education conferences for lecturers, researchers, technologists and professionals from the educational sector. Actually, INTED is more than a conference. It is an ideal platform for international strategic networking. The best place to present your innovations and projects regarding edtech. After more than a decade, it has become a place where more than 700 experts from 80 countries will get together to exchange their knowledge on teaching and learning methodologies and innovations on educational technology. One of these innovations is the NGDLE(Next Generation Digital Learning Environment) Up2U infrastructure.


This time the OER aspect of our platform was highlighted. The Up2U talk presented by our colleague from UVigo, Iván Otero focused on the copyright-related issues, explaining the way of lawful and illegal behaviour. The presentation was based on the feedback we received from Greek and Spanish teachers who are involved in our project.

Some questions from the survey:

We can say that the majority of teachers were not aware of the content policy and copyrights, but they want to learn more about these issues. We realised that we have a great opportunity to encourage a large number of educational staff around Europe to share common doubts, show the real scenarios where teachers have these questions and to have a common place with content curated on copyright.

What an experience!

According to Iván, the most interesting talks and posters were those in which virtual reality and augmented in the educational environment were discussed. The different experiences and use cases of application of this technology in the classroom, created by professors, researchers and professionals were very inspiring.

The hottest topic was the application of new methodologies and technologies in the classroom. Virtual and augmented reality were highlighted that will transform education and lead to the next level. It predicts a drastic digital transformation with robotics and virtual environments both with industry 4.0 and in the foundations of world education.

It was great to meet with like-minded professionals and INTED provided a great chance to network with them and discuss these topics further.

Iván’s presentation is available on Slideshare.

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