Hungarian students started to use the national platform in the classroom

Hungarian teachers recently started their pilot activities with their students in the classrooms. They prepared for this activity via training last year. The organised face-to-face meetings hosted in KIFÜ prepared the teachers and students how the application tool-box of the Hungarian national instance can be used in a real learning environment in the classroom and beyond.

Afterwards, through online webinars, KIFÜ involved more teachers from over 30 new different schools to present them the opportunities offered by the Hungarian Up2U platform. The teachers were able to experiment with the Moodle-based platform through an interesting test course developed by KIFÜ’s expert team.

Some of the teachers have already expressed their serious interest to use the platform with their students in the classroom. KIFÜ provides support for the activities of the teachers via the Hungarian project microsite, sharing current news regarding the project, as well as uploading educational videos about the application tools.

The „train the trainers” activity was also launched thanks to a very active teacher, who organises training for the fellow colleagues. The students of these teachers will be involved in the pilot activity right after the training finishes.

These initiatives seem to be very promising, we do hope that more and more teachers find our platform useful and beneficial for their professional work.

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