Spanish teachers raise awareness of OER via Up2U platform

 Spanish teachers are in the final phase of the OER course that has been created with the intention of giving added value to teachers as creators of educational content using the platform and tools provided by the Up2U project. In order to better explain OERs, grant clear licenses and harmonize copyright policy in schools, a practical guide has also been shared with them to help use and produce OER.

Uvigo provides this training in open educational resources (OER) as a means to reduce the digital divide within schools. In addition, OER policies such as those of UNESCO or the OECD indicate that OER support to eliminate obstacles in order to access education. The importance of an OER resides in the way it is used in a teaching or learning process. The OER course created on the Up2U platform aims to disseminate this content mainly to the other partners and all users of the project, as well as being available to the entire educational community. The course aims to raise awareness about the use and understanding of the licensing application to protect the author’s content, indicating to any user that they can reproduce, adapt or transform and publish it.

Guidelines were presented to the teacher community especially in Spanish Pilot to help them:

  • Find new educational resources such as activities, images, videos and courses.
  • Selecting the appropriate license to use the content they generate.
  • Improve and enrich the content they use in the classroom.

The figure below shows a map and the route of the badges prepared to motivate the students who took this course:




What’s next? We have received a proposal to create and disseminate a virtual and augmented reality course among teachers. A simple course of basic concepts but that for many teachers and especially in certain areas can open a path of motivation for students. This proposal is in line with recent trends in the incorporation of new technologies and methodologies in training. We are sure that it is another very good opportunity to publicize the Up2U project and offer current content and really very applicable to teaching.

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