Up2Universe debut: live demo was presented at the eTwinning conference in Greece

Up2Universe debut: live demo was presented at the eTwinning conference in Greece

Up2U praticipated in the Thematic Conference: “Learning to think in a digital society” that focused on computational thinking skills. The conference took place in Athens, Greece from 28-30 September 2017.

eTwinning has long promoted the ideas of innovation, creativity and critical thinking. The time has come to offer, through this thematic conference, an overview of Computational Thinking concepts and applications, unveiling its potential for those involved in compulsory education, and showcasing how eTwinning can contribute to the process. Students who develop intellectual thinking skills during the high school years tend to thrive when they enter the university and are more likely to succeed in life.

On 29 September 2017, two of our partners, NTUA-National Technical University of Athens and GRNET – the Greek Research and Education Network, organised a workshop introducing our platform called Up2Universe where we offer different tools for K12 teachers to help them create a more innovative learning ecosystem and a modern classroom that exploits the latest products of the 21th century. NTUA’s SeLCont (Synchronized e-Learning Content) is an easy-to-use toolkit with minimal post-processing effort and no special installation requirements from lecture rooms. The final output is dynamically adjusted to any user browser (laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone) running Windows, Android, iOS-iPad, iOS-iPhone. Additionally, eduOER is an Open Education Resource Hub & Portal service providing to the Up2U platform users and course creators to choose trusted and licensed open content such as video lectures and webinars in order to enrich their courses.

Check out Up2Universe for more available tools!

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