Porto welcomes Up2U technical workshop in the springtime

Up2U organized its first technical workshop jointly with the GN4-2 SIG-Multimedia working group meetings from 8 to 10 May, 2017. The event took place in Porto, Portugal at the premises of the host, ISEP (Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto) based in Polytechnic of Porto.

The different sessions resulted in fruitful discussions regarding the technical aspects of both projects. (Please elaborate)


The meeting provided an opportunity for the project partners to meet representatives from the local secondary schools: the Almeida Garret Secondary School in Gaia, Dr. Joaquim Ferreira Alves Secondary School, the College of Carvalhos and the Gaia School Grouping. Some of these schools plan to participate in the pilot activity of the Up2U project, so this was a perfect opportunity for them to get to know the project. The direct feedback given by the principals was very helpful and will be taken into account when the project launches the pilot.


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